Fourteen Up-and-Coming Actors/Actresses/People Who Act

My blogging has been lacking as of late. I blame working two jobs, and general laziness. But I can’t be the only one who works twelve hours and just wants to sit on their ass and watch TV, non?

Side Note: Have you been watching Game of Thrones?! I had to order the books because I clearly do not have the patience to wait until Spring 2012 for more. HBO – you’re killing me.

Anyway, the point is I am turning this so-called laziness into a pop culture blog post because I haven’t written one of those in about zillion years either. My apologies.

So today I have for you my top fourteen rising stars (the original intent was ten but I couldn’t contain myself). And by stars I mean actors. And actresses. Though I’m pretty sure we just refer to either sex as actors now, right? It’s like when my boss calls me a waitress and the other girl I work with has to correct him because we’re ‘servers.’ Or am I completely wrong because they still give out awards according to gender?

The point being, these individuals are in the business of acting. Why? Simply to stick with the obscene amount of television and movie-watching I’ve done lately (seriously, for being the sunniest city in Canada there has been A LOT of rain lately – I feel like I’m in Scotland already). However, if this post goes over well I’d been more than happy to throw down some of my favorite musicians (Zeus, Pompeya) for you guys to check out. Directors (Xavier Dolan). Writers (Donald Glover). You name it.

Anyway, I digress (as per usual).

Other general criteria: they’re young, they’re beginning to build or establish their resumes on the ‘big stage’ (as in Saoirse Ronan has an Oscar nod and isn’t looking for my approval anymore, and you already know who Anton Yelchin is, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.), they’re talented, I get that so-called ‘gut feeling,’ and I think they deserve the exposure.

I also have an uncanny ability to pick the ‘next big thing’ (how awful is that phrase?). I saw Andrew Garfield coming from a mile away. Even Alex Pettyfer, though I’m not sure how that one is going to turn out. I’ve loved Aaron Johnson for a long, long time. But seriously. It’s a bit weird. It’s not like I can foresee any useful aspects of the future – but if there is a trend predictor job out there, hit me up. I am your women.

So I’m betting on these individuals to last or explode briefly at the very least – feel free to throw down your cards in the comment section and we’ll see who comes out the victor in the next few years.

Regardless, these kids (even though most of them are my age or older) are worth keeping an eye on.

Check them out (in no particular order).

Fourteen Up-and-Coming Actors/Actresses/People Who Act

1. Reece Thompson
Reece Thompson
Starting off with one of my favorite Canadians talents… Reece is by no means new to the scene, but is certainly starting to make some bigger waves with roles in films like Ceremony and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You may recognize him from his such movies as Assassination of a High School President and Rocket Science. My personal favorite is Reece’s Thurston in the recent Daydream Nation (alongside the lovely Kat Dennings). Where Daydream Nation struggled to find itself in what has to have been one of the most eclectic coming of age stories in recent memory, Thompson shined as both excessively adorable, emotional and incredible. He’s currently promoting Bloodworth (formerly Provinces of Night). He also has a fondness for hats and goofy faces in press releases – how can you not love that?

2. Caleb Landry Jones
Caleb Landry Jones
Fast becoming one of my favorite gingers, the Texan was by far my favorite young mutant in X-Men First Class. That voice? Please. I’m all over it. Sometimes credited simply as Caleb Jones on television series like Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad, he is probably best known for being decisively crazy in The Last Exorcism. Look out for Caleb in Contraband alongside Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster and Diego Luna – to name a few. Clearly, he’s got some mad talent. Have I mentioned he is ginger? Represent.

3. Jessica Barden
Jessica Barden
I’ve already done some Barden gushing – check out my Hanna review for a refresher. I stand by my words. She is charming and brilliant at the tender age of eighteen. I’d include her on any and every ‘Brit Invasion’ list that pops up like clockwork. Look for her in the indie horror In the Dark Half this year, though I’d love to see her star in an Emma Stone-esque vehicle like Easy A because her comedic timing is perfection.

4. Dylan O’Brien
Dylan O'Brien
I know what you’re thinking – Teen Wolf, really? The show is admittedly campy at best, but O’Brien is definitely a highlight. He delivers the off-beat awkwardness and sarcasm that is loveable where others would have simply come off with a lot of ‘try.’ Discovered on YouTube, the kid clearly has charisma. Not to mention his role in the romantic comedy The First Time (with teen queen Victoria Justice, Brittany Robertson and another up-and-comer Craig Roberts) might help him break out of the sidekick role sooner rather than later.

5. Malese Jow
Malese Jow
A former Nickelodeon kid (she starred alongside Emma Roberts on Unfabulous), and a resume heavy with kid/teen orientated role (Bratz, really?) – Jow has recently convinced me she is more than a one-trick pony. Aside from being gorgeous (she’s got a really unique look), her role on Vampire Diaries had a certain edge that was incredibly refreshing (I was all about Anna/Jeremy). She also had a small role in the Oscar-winning The Social Network. I’d love to see her continue to grow with these sorts of parts.

6. Kyle Riabko
Kyle Riabko
Okay, so I’m throwing down a hometown boy because I had to, non? The Broadway star recently made the transition to television with a short-lived role on 90210 and forced me to start watching it again (I have a weakness for hot boy relationships). He can obviously sing. He is obviously gorgeous. He’s definitely got the charm (the boy has some ridiculous YouTube videos). My friend went to school with him and insists I am creepy for enjoying him macking on Trevor Donovan. Regardless, I am definitely rooting for the ‘Spring Awakenings’ alum.

7. Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts
Not unlike the previously mentioned Brit Barden, I have gushed over Roberts in the Submarine trailer (though Roberts is Welsh… do the Welsh take offense to being called Brits?). Roberts carries the lead role in what could have been just another quirky comedy. He also had a small role in Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre. Known abroad best for his Young Dracula role, Roberts no doubt will make a bigger splash across the pond in Red Lights which also stars Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver (you know, no big deal). Also look for the Welshman in the aforementioned The First Time and Comes a Bright Day. Ben Stiller can sure pick ’em.

8. Ellen Wong
Ellen Wong
Another Canadian to keep an eye out for. Wong is probably best known for her role as Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World where she quite literally killed it quite being both badass and pulling off puppy-love in such a way that if I hadn’t read the comics I wouldn’t have minded Wright’s alternative ending. However, her next role is polar opposite on the TV series Combat Hospital. I’m just saying, can we get some more movies with Asian leads please? Followed by the casting of Wong. Thanks.

9. Mae Whitman
Mae Whitman
One more from the cast of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Whitman is certainly not a new talent. She’s already navigated over a decade of work at twenty-three. She clearly has already demonstrated some serious diversity and has a long list of voice character work to her credit. However, I’m positively adoring Whitman in Parenthood, add a splash of Scott Pilgrim and a role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower – and Whitman continues to prove she has the talent for real staying power.

10. Kit Harington
Kit Harington
Like I wasn’t going to throw some Game of Thrones down on this list (the entire cast is amazing, to be fair). Kit clearly has an awesome name, is insanely beautiful and pulls off the bastard son role in a genuinely heartfelt way. I’m Team Snow, personally. He and Sean Bean clearly couldn’t be separated either, as the father-son duo will be starring in the Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – which you had me at Bean-Harington in 3D (the only acceptable kind of 3D, mind you). With literally two credits to his name, add one more Brit to the list.

11. Sterling Beaumon
Sterling Beaumon
Probably best known for playing Young Ben on LOST, the sixteen year old has a hefty amount of credits to his name already including Four Christmases and Astro Boy. Beaumon won me over by playing the creepiest serial killer on Criminal Minds in several seasons, in a way that was both terrifying and almost sympathetic? That performance alone is evidence his is more than a freakishly cute little face. Did I mentioned he was sixteen?

12. Leven Rambin
Leven Rambin
Again, not exactly a newbie. Rambin became a favorite of mine from her role of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but she also had a recurring role recently as Mark Sloan’s daughter on Grey’s Anatomy. More random is the photo of her with Demi Lovato, but more important is her part in the highly anticipated The Hunger Games as Glimmer. Clearly James Franco isn’t the only one who can do both soaps and feature films.

13. Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams
Okay, so another Game of Thrones actor – but it couldn’t be helped! Williams is incredible as the little tomboy. She’s fierce and naive. Williams is already a little pro in her debut role! Seriously, keep an eye out on this one.

14. Sam Claflin
Sam Claflin
I may have alluded to my appreciation of Claflin’s shirtlessness on Twitter, and I definitely see Hollywood heartthrob in his future. He already nabbed the role opposite Kristen Stewart in one of the Snow White films coming out next year, and the part of Tom in The Seventh Son based on the novel (and also stars Jeff Bridges). If you like to use the ‘It’ label – I think this guy might just be it.

So there’s my hand. We’ll see how it plays out. Go ahead and mark my words.

Images are courtesy of the power of Google, and filmographies can be found on the wonderful IMDb.

PS. Could this post have any more tags? Dear lord.

2 thoughts on “Fourteen Up-and-Coming Actors/Actresses/People Who Act

  1. I can’t believe all these kids went to the same school together definitely sterling Beaumon I heard he was bullied badly I also heard that he wrote a song about it

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