My New Obsession

So it turns out the key to getting a lot of writing done is to become morbidly ill and not leave the house. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend the nose of lava snot, or the bark-like coughs where you can’t be one hundred percent sure if you are coughing out mucus or part of yours lung (though, my voice is extra sultry). But as far as productivity seems to go (and by productivity, I mean writing on my laptop in between catching up on Game of Thrones) it’s turned out to be very worthwhile. Or as worthwhile as having your first weekend off in a quarter century and feeling so repulsive you can’t leave your own bed can be.

I’m not even sure ‘morbidly ill’ makes sense – but it’s dramatic and I feel that.

Anyway, in the interest of keeping up with my promises – I have come bearing gifts of mountains and colourful houses. Or in other words – Norway. One of the most expensive and beautiful countries I have ever been. And I mean beautiful in terms of both the scenery and the people. Seriously, Norwegians – good work with those genetics.

We went and visited my friends in Bodø, which is a pretty small city/town (I’m not sure how many people are needed to qualify for that) up in Norway – literally the last stop on the Norwegian rail line. Now, I have a weird thing where small towns tend to freak me out because I feel like everybody knows everybody, and there’s no room to hide. However, it just so happens that this small town is surrounded my epic mountains, and has a port – and did I mention the beautiful people? Sure, the sunset by mid-afternoon and it was much colder than Edinburgh (I feel Scotland has ruined my innate Canadian resilience to the cold), and by the time I left I decided it was a stunning place but not somewhere I could live…

But after being home for a week or so now, I kind of feel like I miss it.

Now this may be in part due to the fact two of my favorite people are studying there right now and I miss the hell out of them. It could also be missing that feeling standing at the bottom of a mountain where you feel so small but somehow so at peace with the world. And there is no doubt that my sensory system is missing the constant stream of beautiful people. Or maybe I’m more of a nature girl then I give myself credit for?

Whatever it is, I think I’d like to go back. Sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately I have a little more self-respect than to take picture of random Norwegians on the street, but I promise the scenery is just as nice…